Friday, January 08, 2010

Neo is <3

Ne-Yo's freakin' AWESOME!!!
Got these photos from here
Didn't bring camera, because of a few reasons
But I think I have more fun in concerts without a camera
It's such a fuss
We got not bad tickets so we were considerably close to the stage lah
After all it's not held in a huge stadium, just the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach so it was nice :)))

Anyway, it was S-M-A-S-H-I-N-G!!!
In my opinion, it's better than Rain's, and almost on par with Gwen Stefani's concert
CĂ©line Dion still wins hands down though
Don't think anyone can beat her
Followed by Christina Aguilera
More pictures from Sheryl soon!
(She took most the pictures (of us. Haha!), and videos of Ne-Yo)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I've had the suckiest luck ever these past few days
On the 30th of December, I fell down at Mahkota Parade (seriously, of all places!), sprained my right elbow, the pain eventually spread to my wrist and upper arm within one day
Then on the 1st, I slipped and nearly fell at Sheryl's barbeque, the reason why I nearly took a fall is because I managed to hold on to myself with my right big toe
My toe hurt like mad :(
On the second, I went for paintball with Camie, Aaron, Sheryl, Hooi Tzing, Shriram, Derek, Ai Fang, Marianne, Jason, Su Anne and Kenny
I was walking (and looking down) and I hit Sheryl's car bonnet
So now I have this humongous bump at the top of my head
Luckily it not at my forehead, or else I would look like a stupid flowerhorn fish
I can't even touch the bump without feeling any pain :(((
Then my left leg got shot by don't know whose paintballs (no one knows who shot who anyway), three paintballs consecutively!
Here's how it happened (I know I can't draw to save my life)

Well, this one memang expected lah, I just left my leg hanging there for people to shoot
So bodoh lah my stupid leg
So now I got three spots of blue blacks on my left leg, how to attend my cousin's engagement this Saturday!?
In a knee length dress some more! :(
But it was superbly fun though :)))
Paintball, I mean
I wanna go again soon, but not to play every single game lah
So tiring
Can die man my thighs, pain like what only
Oh, I got hit somewhere at my back, as well
Don't know how it happened but I thought someone tapped me on my back only, took me few seconds to realised I just got shot -.-

And just now, a stack of books fell on my left foot

I. Feel. Like. The. Stupidest. Thing. Ever.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Was at Pavilion the other day
And I thought the Christmas deco was extraordinarily grand!

The length of the red drape is like, three floors long!

Oh and I dropped by Jusco just now with Laura, bought two more goggles in addition to my one and only pair of goggles that is, well, not lost
Don't know how lah but we keep losing our goggles
I think we lost like four pairs already in the span of two or three years
We are very sure that they are all somewhere in the house, but don't know where -.-
So it took us a while to choose because they are so not cheap and we wanted black goggles only
And we forgot to bring our J Card
As you know, if you forget your J Card, you have to pay one buck if you park at the parking bay for more than one hour
Look at this!

And you know what?
I drove back home with the car lights off
People were honking and I thought they were honking at other people
I only realised it after I was reaching home!

I know all these are SO not blog-worthy
But I got nothing to blog about lah
Malacca is awesome as usual :)))
Oh except the fact that my whole body is aching after this super extremely tiring session of badminton with Derek
He tortured me like MAD!
(I dare to talk bad behind him because he does not read my blog HAH!)